Monday, December 22, 2008


Time has just crept up on me this year. Usually I have finished shopping, decorating, baking, and I have everything wrapped by now, and I a sipping a favorite cocktail thanking my lucky stars I do not have to go into the depths of Hell (a/k/a Harbison) for ANYTHING!! Not so this year....I actually had to go to the.....dare I say it.....Mall on Saturday. I should have had the last small shriveled piece of my last ovary ripped out through my belly button. There is not enough alcohol to get me to do it again.....if I have forgotten someone on Santa's list - I humbly apolgize!! I just can't force myself to go through that chaos again. I mean really - I had to sit in a traffic jam 2 Saturdays ago in the pitch black during an armed robbery in Hell - not knowing what was going on. I just thought it was a wreck - no some dumb ass held up America's Best and took hostages while I am in the car cursing until the air turned blue.

After tomorrow, I am off until the 29th. I am going to enjoy my holiday. (I am going to repeat this until I have convinced myself of it.)


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I'm afraid I'll have to venture out to Target early in the morning...don't want to BUT...

Monogram Queen said...

Hope it was a happy one honey!

Wow I hope no one was hurt during that robbery! Scary!