Monday, October 27, 2008


I've been tagged by "Life of a Southern Belle". I am to list a couple of my favorite things in certain categories - and away we go.....

FAVORITE STORE: It is a toss up - Gibson's on Devine....from small gifts to stemware to linens to cards - she has it.

FAVORITE CITY: Edisto Beach. It is heaven on earth!!!

FAVORITE SWEET: Pound cake. I love chocolate, but there is nothing better than a slice of good southern pound cake - warm from the oven.

FAVORITE MUSIC: Beach music, of course. And I agree with Ms. Belle - real beach music..give me some OC Smith, Coaters, Charmen of the Board, Willie Tee....and shaggin' in the sand. (Sidebar - I have won 2 awards in my life - 1 was a shag contest and one was a beer chugging contest (my Mother was not so proud, but Daddy just smiled).

FAVORITE TV SHOW: I know, I know, but I love Top Design on Bravo.

FAVORITE MOVIE: Fried Green Tomatoes

Favorite Workout: Shopping (would that be considered a workout - what if I power walk the mall?)

FAVORITE COFFEE: Holiday Blend by Coffee Beanery

Now, I tag - Just Ask Beth, Monogram Queen, and Greg C

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