Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The Gator was a big hit. He loved it. He squeeled when he saw it - his eyes glazed over - he smiled - and he jumped in. He told his cousin to jump in and off they go. In fact, they almost ran me over to get to the mud puddles.

He left it at the huntclub as he is down there every week-end and at home he just does not have the mud and gravel roads to ride on like he has at the clubhouse.

You can see on his face he loves it.


Monogram Queen said...

Awww I am so happy although I had no doubt he'd love it.
I think we are getting Madison the pink Barbie Mustang from Santa. she already has a Barbie VW Bug and a Groovy Girls Scooter. Spoiled kiddos!!!! ;)

Greg C said...

I read your comment and immediatly thought; What is this crazy woman talking about. I didn't send her a gator. Duh, blond moment. My bad. You will be just across the river from us. So go to the edge and shout out hey Greg.

Greg C said...

Next stop 4 wheeler. Get ready for grey hair.

Lemon Annie said...

That is so darling. My son has a little four wheeler and before that my daughter had a barbie jeep. He will love it for years to come!