Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Lemon Annie started the following Halloween Tag - I always like to find out other people's Holiday traditions so I am posting my Halloween Questionnaire. If you feel like playing along copy and paste it to your blog and answer the questions. If you do leave me a comment that you did so I can check it out. Here goes:

1. What is your favorite thing about Halloween? Everything. I get so caught up in the fun of the decorations and the children.

2. What is your favorite Halloween tradition? Fixing a big pot of chili and a big pan of cornbread and waiting for the tick or treaters to see their cute costumes.

3. What was your favorite all-time costume from childhood or adulthood? Why a witch, of course (not a bad or mean one, but a cute and prissy one).

4. Scary Halloween decorations or cutesy? Cutesy and fun.

5. What is your favorite Halloween memory? My parents getting caught up in the excitement with us as kids. We would trick or treat around the neighborhood, and then go to the Church for the Halloween Carnival put on by our EYC.

6. What is your favorite scary movie? None. HATE THEM.

7. Candy Corn...Love it or Hate it? Love It.

8. What was your favorite Halloween party activity? As a kid or adult???

9. What is your least favorite Halloween party activity? I hated the haunted house, unless I was with the boyfriend du jour.

10. Painted pumpkins or carved? Carved jack-o-lanterns.

Tag you're it! Hope you play along.


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Lemon Annie said...

Thanks for playing along!! I hope you have a great Halloween. I will be over for chili and cornbread!