Thursday, January 29, 2009


I was always told by my wonderful Daddy "Do not swerve, if you have to hit the squirrel, cat, or dog, it is far better than you getting hurt or killed." Well, I should have listened better. Yesterday morning a cat ran out in front of me in my neighborhood, and I swerved to miss him and.....yes I hit a TON OF BRICKS. I hit my neighbors brick mailbox planter thingy. I had no idea those things were not hollow inside - they are full of brick and concrete. I hit that thing and steam came out of my hood, my tire stuck in the brick planter - all this at 7:30 in the morning. Talk about a wake up call - and to top it all off, I only had 1/2 a cup of coffee!

After the hysterical call to MG, I looked around and THE CAT, was across the street spraying the neighbor's shrubbery. I know he was laughing that he saved one of his 9 lives. He was like the squirrel in the commerial bumping knuckles and laughing. Little SOB. I'll hit him next time - who am I fooling - no I won't.

Talked to the insurance adjuster - now I just wait to see if they total it. The pictures do not look that bad - but the radiator is busted, they say possibly the A/C system, the electrical system is not working properly, the stereo system is just static, and of all things my seat warmers don't work (electrical system, I guess), all 3 bumpers need replacing, hood has to be replaced, front 1/4 panel has to be replaced, lights, fog lights, and the list goes on......

Of course not to mention the neighbor's brick mail box has to be rebuilt. That piece of masonry is in their front yard - that's right knocked it right off the pedestal.

I am sooooo sore - I now know what it means to run into a ton of bricks....

Did anybody get the number on


Monogram Queen said...

Oy I do the same thing. I will do anything to avoid hitting even a squirrel. Heck I won't hit a SNAKE and i'm terrified of them. Glad you weren't hurt though!

justabeachkat said...


Just wanted you to know that I took your advice and used the indoor/outdoor carpet for my tablecloth for the Super Bowl party. Stop by when you get a chance to see. I really want to thank you for visiting me and leaving your comment, which included a great idea. I hope you'll visit me again.

I'll be back.


The wife said...

Oh my word! Glad you are ok! Thanks for the input on the website! I thought the exact same thing about those two sections. Now, I need to know which of the "big" groups you were talking about so I can check it out.:)

Lemon Annie said...

OMGosh! I am so glad that you are okay. Sorry about your car!:-(