Tuesday, August 29, 2006


Well, everybody had a good laugh on me this week-end. Broome came over to "talk" and in the middle of our conversation, I hear this wee Irish lass from behind me. TH flew in on Thursday night for a visit. She and TB played on the jet ski all day Friday (a/k/a big throbbing machine). They came over on Saturday afternoon - we swam in the pool, laid out in the sun, and later in the evening we played Rummikub and MGB grilled steaks. We had a grand day! I wish we could do it every week-end.

She flew out of Charlotte, NC on Sunday afternoon - she had to sit on the runway for approximately an hour before they were cleared for take-off.

I hated for her to go back to the land of frozen bastards. I wish she would cut this foolishness out and just move here. Maybe within the next 6 months to a year. MGB and I miss her when she is not here, and I know TB does too.

Will see Taterhead in a couple of months....maybe the Clemson Carolina game.


Broome said...

So, someone has nothing to do at work?? Can I have yer job...PLEASE. Do we have to share all of our stories or can we keep some a secret? But yes, H you are right TB misses TH very much when she's away...but don't hold yer breathe..the U-Haul ain't comin' anytime soon!!

MGBHLH said...

OH, I wouldn't be such a naysayer. She may become a Southerner one day. We can only hope.