Tuesday, December 22, 2009


While shopping at Public last night, I saw the cutest elf cake sitting in the bakery case just begging to be at the table of Lovey #1 and Lovey#2 on Christmas Eve. I just can't wait to get them full of sugar and get them wound up - and then turn them over to the Beautiful Niece and let her get them to sleep. Although Lovey#2 will not understand the whole concept of Santa Claus, he will enjoy the sugar and the merriment. Lovey #1 is at the fun age where Christmas is all Santa and the reindeer and magic. These are the times I do wish I had a small one in the house, but then I remember I can enjoy my boys - spoil them and leave the Beautiful Niece to put them to bed, deal with the tantrums (which do not come often as they are wonderful boys), and the most important, pay for college!