Friday, June 26, 2009


We have one more day in Edisto - then back to reality. Edisto has been great! The only problem was the "Flood of 2009". Apparently, it was the Summer Solstace (or something like that) and the sun, moon, and stars were all in position and the high tides were horrid. Beginning Tuesday and ending on Thursday the tides were in - yes IN our house. We have had high tides in our backyard before, but never 4 inches in our house. We had to sweep out rushes, seaweed, and swimmie things for hours. We have swept, mopped, and scrubbed, but the smell of pluff mud still lingers in the air - but I have always loved the smell. (strange, I know)

Can't wait to come down again for another 12 days......August maybe? July is full of commitments in Columbia and September, well, CLEMSON FOOTBALL is just around the corner!

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Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Yikes...water in the house...not good. We were down in Beaufort last weekend but very little rain and thankfully, the tide, even at its highest, doesn't bring water up to the house. It was HOT however...VERY!