Monday, April 06, 2009


Well, last week was the start of my "new hours" at work. I now have Fridays and Mondays off. Last Friday, I woke up early and started in. I felt like Rosie from The Jetsons....I washed baseboards, walls, cabinets, and solid surfaces in the house. I cleaned out cabinets, drawers, and threw away a bundle. I did the usual mopping, dusting, etc. too, but I gave this house a scrub. I figured if I was going to be home on Fridays and Mondays, I needed to give the house a good spring cleaning....I will start polishing the silver this Friday. THAT is my favorite job ever - I LOVE to gently take the silver out of the dining room and polish it until it shines. Standing at the kitchen sink with silver polish in hand, makes me feel like a child again in Winnsboro with my Mama - she loved to polish silver too. This is a love activity to me. It is almost like standing there and holding her hand or talking to her.


Monogram Queen said...

Enjoy enough for me!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I'm getting ready to start doing the same thing around my house. Spring Break means Spring Cleaning...who wants to go outside's 45 degress out there this morning.

The wife said...

You are welcome to come to my house when you run out of things to do at yours. I'm just not feeling it right now!!