Thursday, April 23, 2009


I just got back from Edisto. I go there to re-energize myself. I call it my little heaven on earth. While there, I always stop in at the Book Store. While there, I saw a photograph by Barbara Bergwerf entitled "Big Girl Going Home". It was a photograph of a sea turtle being released back into the sea after a stay at the Turtle Hospital! The photograph has been snapped right as the wave is running back into the sea and the sand is no longer under her tiny feet. She has found her freedom once again! She is truly a BIG GIRL GOING HOME!!! Of course, I bought the book to go along with the picture. It is truly a great story.

I saw the picture - let out a slight aaahhh - grabbed it and tucked it under my arm so nobody else could get it. I have had it framed and it is hanging so I can gaze upon it every morning. It is so symbolic to me on so many different levels. When my beautiful niece A has to throw my ashes in the ocean at Edisto - this big girl will be going home too. That reminds me, I think I get Lovey #1 this week-end....I am so very excited. I may have to force MG to go to Frankie's Fun Park!!!!


Monogram Queen said...

Isn't it wonderful when something reaches out and - not touches us - SNATCHES us. :)
I do want us to have lunch or something when you come to d-town. I'll be popping in sporadically so don't forget about me!

Greg C said...

I love sea turtles. I have a couple of stories about them that I should repost.

BLC :o said...

Omg, you have me in stitches ... "tiger tails" as comments, LOVE it! I miss Clemtech!! Xoxo-BLC