Monday, January 19, 2009


Shag a/k/a Ms. Grace's Beach Music Babe was the bright spot of my week-end. Just look at that cute face. Even through the drama and trauma of the cold and soggy house, she was content on her little soft bed.

We did everything we were suppose to do - went to Lowe's - got that ugly "hat" thingy to cover the outside faucet to winterize the pipes. We left the house on Saturday - went to Wings and Ale for a few cold ones and a late lunch and the Clemson basketball game. After the game we ran to TJ Maxx and ran some other errands and finally got home around 7:45pm. MG heard some water running and the faucet in the backyard was spewing water everywhere. I called the plumber - he finally got there at 9:30pm. The pipe, although winterized, had frozen - thawed - and burst. He proceeded to tear through the wall from the inside of the house. He did not use a saw of anytype, but rather a hammer. He just hammered through the wall until he had a hole big enough to fix the *&^(* thing. It is not like it was spewing water anymore. I had cut the water off at the water meter thingy an hour prior to him arriving. This is why women should be plumbers. A woman would have used the appropriate saw and taken the piece of drywall out (neatly) and would not have made the mess he did. She would have been much more polite abou the situation, and she would not have looked at me and said "That will be $600.00 and I don't fix walls". I think men just like the thrill of the demolition.

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Monogram Queen said...

Oh lawd, well I guess somehow it could have been worse! So sorry though. That is one sweet pup!