Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I hope TDP and the rest of the Athletic Dept at Clemson University offers Dabo Swinney the Head Coach position at Clemson. Granted, we have only won 1 game during his time as head coach, BUT we have gained a lot more than wins. The boys on the team have pep in their step, they have pride in their dress (suits are now required - which is a good thing) they may not be winning - but they are playing with their hearts, and it appears the pride is coming back. If we can come out of this season with healthy boys, a decent recruiting class, and PRIDE in our school - we have had a winning season. I believe Dabo Swinney can lead Clemson's team next year. It will probably be a rebuilding year, but every school has those.

I believe.........GO TIGERS!


The wife said...

I hope Dabo gets the job, too! I love some Tommy Bowden, but I also love what I am seeing Dabo do with the team. And when he talked to Poppa Bowden before the game last week and went on and on about Tommy I almost cried! I wish more of our fans realized it isn't always about the win, but also about the integrity of the team.

Monogram Queen said...

Well y'all did good today... we got our butts handed to us by the Gators :(