Thursday, October 09, 2008


I bought my nephew a John Deere Gator last night. His cousin has one, and he loves it. My most beloved nephew has a lot of ride-on toys, but he is getting too big for the cozy coupe and the Dora The Explorer jeep.

The box gave the following description:
Passenger seat
Built-in cup holders
Made in USA for Ages 3 and up
Weight capacity: 130 lbs.
New tires with increased tread, traction and styling
Real working dump bed with tailgate

CUP HOLDERS? Now what does a 3 year old need with "cup" holders?

What little boy will not love riding around his Big Daddy's hunt club in this? Hey, maybe I know what those cup holders are for now - his Big Daddy's(a/k/a great granddaddy)"sodas".

Do you think this is too much for a 3 year old's birthday????


skid loader said...

im your favorite reader here!

caterpillar loader said...

im here because of few cents for you. just dropping by.

Monogram Queen said...

Oh no honey my girl got a Barbie Bug which holds up to 130 lbs for her 2nd birthday and she's rode that thing to death. This will give him a chance for you to get your "moneys worth"! What a GREAT Aunt! Happy Birthday to your nephew

Greg C said...

No a real john deer would be too much for a 3 year old. Contact me when it is about torn up and you are ready to toss it out and I will tell you how to have fun with it. I hotwired mine and it lasted for a short while but man would it go fast. My son was dangerous in his.

Greg C said...

We just got our invite to visit the Clemson Campus on the 17th of November. My son wants to go there. Lets hear that cheerleading. :)

Michelle DiMaio said...

It's PERFECT for a 3 year old! My boys (ages 3 and 5) have one and my three year old ADORES it! Your nephew is going to be over the moon!

(found you from Clemsongirl - love finding more Clemson faithful!)