Monday, September 29, 2008


Newberry, SC is having it's annual Oktoberfest next week-end. I have never been, but several people have said it is a lot of fun. They are having a petting zoo, kiddie rides, and the Columbia Marionette Theatre will perform. I can't wait to take my little cutie next Saturday. I think he will have great fun - or at least I will have great fun spoiling him rotten!!! He knows all he has to do is look at something - and Auntie gets it for him. I know he should not have everything he wants, but look at this face - I just can't help it. I just think he is the cutest little boy to ever walk....I love him so much I want him to have anything and everything he wants....then send him home to Mommy and Daddy when he gets cranky.....and that ladies and gentlemen is what an Aunt is suppose to do.

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Belle (from Life of a...) said... your blog and am always thrilled for find another Clemson fan out there. Thanks for participating in my contest and for putting me on your blogroll. GOOD LUCK!