Friday, September 19, 2008


I am so sick and tired of looking at the 4 walls of my bedroom, I could screan. The Dr. checked me over Wednesday - and I was told to get to bed, directly to bed, and not to get out until Sunday. So ------ I have not been at work since Tuesday (something I never do is miss work), I am slowly getting my voice back, but I am still feeling and looking like something the dog rolled on in the yard.

I have never said this in my life, but I hope the week-end goes by quickly. I am so ready to get back in the swing of things on Monday - hopefully with full voice. I have a lot to do.

However, the pharmaceuticals he gave me are great if you just want to drift off into la-la land for hours...


High on Hairspray said...

Yes it is the same Devine Street. I work on Devine.

MGBHLH said...

I am on Devine at least twice a week shopping. I love Gibson's, Retail Therapy, Mais Oui. Of course there is the curtain exchange - can't afford to do anything but drool over the draperies.